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Food, high content: Glucose

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Glucose per 100 grams 
Honey33.9 g
Date, dried17.1 g
Pastilles, sugar added, unspecified15.3 g
Liquorice, sweet12.6 g
Marshmellows, unspecified11.5 g
Chocolate, fancy and filled8.6 g
Liquorice allsorts8.6 g
Fruit paste, figs8.57 g
Fruit gums8.3 g
Apricot, dried8.1 g
Grape, raw7.4 g
Liquorice, average values6.8 g
Toffees, unspecified6.3 g
Rose hip, raw6.3 g
Peach, dried6.1 g
Cherry, raw6.1 g
Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw5.9 g
Banana, raw5.8 g
Tangerine, canned5.7 g
Sweets, boiled5.5 g
Fruit paste, average values5.47 g
Chewing gum, sugar added, all types5 g
Sweets. unspecified4.6 g
Grapefruitjuice, canned, unswtnd.4.5 g
Plum, raw4.32 g
Lingonberry, raw4.3 g
Currant, black, raw4.24 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli with added sugar4.04 g
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values4.04 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli without added sugar4.04 g
Papaya, pawpaw, raw3.6 g
Chocolate, milk3.6 g
Carbonated drinks, Cola3.5 g
Orange juice, canned3.4 g
Elderberry, raw3.15 g
Kiwi fruit, raw3.1 g
Wine, white, sweet2.9 g
Liquorice, salt2.9 g
Whipped egg white and sugar with chocolate covering2.7 g
Blackberry, raw2.7 g
Carrot, raw2.56 g
Carrot, raw2.56 g
Carrot, raw2.56 g
Orange, raw2.5 g
Pineapple, raw2.3 g
Pineapple, canned2.3 g
Onion, raw2.24 g
Kumquats, raw2.2 g
Strawberry, raw2.1 g
Salad dressing, mayonnaise2.1 g
Grapefruit, raw2 g
Swiss roll, average values1.9 g
Cornflakes, frosted1.9 g
Watermelon, raw1.8 g
Herring, pickled, canned1.7 g
Apple, danish, raw1.68 g
Apple, imported, raw1.68 g
Apple, raw, all varieties1.68 g
Pear, raw1.67 g
Cabbage, white, raw1.6 g
Pepper, sweet, red, raw1.57 g
Yoghurt with müsli1.51 g
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream1.5 g
Cornflakes, average values1.5 g
Rye bread crumbs with brown sugar, average values1.45 g
Lemon, raw1.4 g
Aubergine (eggplant), raw1.4 g
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, low calorie1.4 g
Guava, common, raw1.3 g
Melon, honeydew, raw1.3 g
Wine, white, medium1.2 g
Yoghurt with pear and banana1.2 g
Yoghurt with fruits1.2 g
Muskmelon, raw1.2 g
Cabbage, red, raw1.19 g
Marmalade, strawberry1.17 g
Pumpkin, raw1.1 g
Pumpkin, canned1.1 g
Fennel, root, raw1.1 g
Peach, canned1 g
Peach, raw1 g
Sweetpotato, raw0.9 g
Tomato, danish, ripe, raw0.9 g
Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown0.9 g
Tomato, imported, ripe, raw0.9 g
Rhubarb, frozen0.89 g
Rhubarb, raw0.89 g
Radish, raw0.88 g
Pepper, sweet, green, raw0.84 g
Yoghurt with orange juice0.83 g
Cabbage, chinese or celery, raw0.82 g
Yoghurt, low fat, with fruit juice0.8 g
Herring, pickled, in curry sauce, canned0.8 g
Broccoli, raw0.8 g
Rye flour, dark, whole meal0.77 g
Rye kernels, whole/cracked0.77 g
Raspberry, raw0.75 g
Raspberry, frozen0.75 g
Butterhead lettuce (US), cabbage lettuce (UK), raw0.71 g
Wine, white, sparkling, champagne0.7 g
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar0.7 g
Wine, rosé0.7 g
Squash, all varieties, raw0.7 g
Currant, red, raw0.69 g
Yoghurt with peach melba0.63 g
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw0.6 g
Sweetcorn, kernels, canned0.6 g
Mangos, raw0.6 g
Kale, raw0.54 g
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal0.52 g
Rye bread, dark0.52 g
Cauliflower, imported, raw0.51 g
Cauliflower, danish, raw0.51 g
Cauliflower, all varieties, raw0.51 g
Sugar, brown0.5 g
Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified0.5 g
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream, low calorie0.5 g
Wheat bran0.5 g
Parsley, raw0.5 g
Celery, raw0.5 g
Lemon juice, fresh0.5 g
Beans, green, raw0.46 g
Yoghurt with strawberries0.44 g
Rye-flour, wheat-flour, bolted0.43 g
Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost0.4 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, coarse (Husmans)0.4 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, fine0.4 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine0.4 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, coarse0.4 g
Leek, raw0.4 g
Beans, green, frozen0.4 g
Rye bread, light0.37 g
Beet, red, raw0.35 g
Beet, red, canned0.35 g
Beet, red, canned, sugar not added0.35 g
Asparagus, all types, raw0.32 g
Asparagus, canned0.32 g
Cucumber, raw0.31 g
Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen0.3 g
Egg, hen, yolk, sugar added, pasteurized, frozen0.3 g
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat0.28 g
Cream, cultured, 18 % fat0.28 g
Brussels sprouts, raw0.23 g
Bread, white, with wheat bran0.2 g
Bread, white, coarse grain0.2 g
Bread, wholemeal0.2 g
Potato, raw0.18 g
Peas, green, raw0.18 g
Cress, garden, raw0.16 g
Juice, mixed vegetables, pasteurized0.138 g
Spinach, raw0.11 g
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat0.102 g
Avocado, raw0.1 g
Bread, white, for sausages0.1 g
Wine, white, dry0.1 g
Bread, white0.1 g
Bread, white, roll0.1 g
Bread, roll, danish0.1 g
Pork, liver paste, danish0.06 g
Bread, white0.05 g
Bread, bolted rye and wheat, sour, with caraway seeds0.05 g
Sweet bisquit, cookie0.04 g
Corn flour0.03 g
Milk, buttermilk with lemon0.02 g