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Cod, roe, smoked

Energy DistributionEnergy Distribution
% of total food energy
   Protein, total73.9 %
   Fat, total25.9 %
   Carbohydrate, total0.3 %
   Alcohol0 %
Refuse: 0%

Content per 100 grams
Protein, total26.8g
Fat, total4.2g
   saturated fatty acids0.6g
   monounsaturated fatty acids0.7g
   polyunsaturated fatty acids1.3g
Carbohydrate, total0.1g
   carbohydrate, available0.1g
   dietary fibre0g

Vitamin A8.7RE
Vitamin D27.2μg
   D3 cholecalciferol27.2μg

Sodium, Na290mg
Potassium, K280mg
Calcium, Ca8.2mg
Magnesium, Mg12.8mg
Phosphorus, P453mg
Iron, Fe1.11mg
Copper, Cu0.082mg
Zinc, Zn4.3mg
Iodine, I230μg
Manganese, Mn0.128mg

C 8:00g
C 10:00g
C 12:00g
C 14:00g
C 16:00.467g
C 18:00.093g
C 20:00g
C 22:00g
C 24:00g
C 14:10g
C 16:10.093g
C 18:1, n-90.373g
C 18:1, cis n-70.093g
C 20:1, n-110g
C 22:1, n-90g
C 22:1, n-110.093g
C 24:1, n-90g
C 18:2, n-60.093g
C 18:3, n-30g
C 18:4, n-30g
C 20:5, n-30.373g
C 22:5, n-30g
C 22:6, n-30.84g
Other fatty acids0g

Sums lipids
Sum saturated0.56g
Sum monounsaturated0.653g
Sum polyunsaturated1.31g
Sum n-3 fatty acids1.21g
Sum n-6 fatty acids0.093g
Trans fatty acids0g

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