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Copper, Cu per 100 grams 
Oyster, raw7.93 mg
Liver, goose, raw7.52 mg
Liver, ox, raw6.4 mg
Liver, duck, raw5.96 mg
Yeast, dried5 mg
Crab, boiled4.8 mg
Sesame seeds, whole, dried4.08 mg
Sesame seed, decorticated4.08 mg
Cocoa, powder3.6 mg
Tea, leaves2.5 mg
Liver, calf, raw2.35 mg
Cashew nuts, dry roasted2.22 mg
Cashew nuts, oil roasted2.04 mg
Brazil nuts1.76 mg
Lobster, canned1.7 mg
Lobster, boiled1.7 mg
Soya flour, full fat1.6 mg
Coffee bean, roasted, ground1.55 mg
Tomato, dried1.42 mg
Nut, hazel (UK), filbert (USA), dried1.4 mg
Walnuts1.34 mg
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted1.33 mg
Pine nuts, pignolias, dried1.32 mg
Pistachio nuts, dried1.3 mg
Pecans, oil roasted1.2 mg
Pecans, dried1.2 mg
Pecans, dry roasted1.17 mg
Pepper, black1.13 mg
Wheat germ, raw1.1 mg
Wheat bran1.1 mg
Cocoa, instant, med milk, powder1.1 mg
Curry powder1.04 mg
Nutmeg, whole1.03 mg
Liver, pig, raw1.01 mg
Chocolate, bitter0.954 mg
Chocolate, plain, couverture0.954 mg
Beans, mung, dried, raw0.941 mg
Nut, pea, dried0.86 mg
Cocoa, instant, without milk, powder0.84 mg
Almond, raw0.78 mg
Peas, chick/garbanzo, dry, raw0.76 mg
Kidney, pig, raw0.715 mg
Bouillon, beef, concentrated, cube0.71 mg
Norway lobster, raw0.7 mg
Lobster, raw0.7 mg
Peanut butter0.7 mg
Peas, mature, dry, raw0.69 mg
Lentils, dried0.67 mg
Cod, liver, raw0.66 mg
Cod, liver, smoked0.66 mg
Cod, liver, canned0.66 mg
Peach, dried0.63 mg
Buckwheat groats, raw0.62 mg
Vecao0.595 mg
Squab (pigeon), flesh, raw0.594 mg
Nut, pea, oilroasted and salted0.57 mg
Barley flour, raw0.56 mg
Coconut meat, desiccated0.55 mg
Marzipanproduct, chocolatecover, average values0.54 mg
Liver, chicken (hen), raw0.51 mg
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw0.51 mg
Seaweed, agar0.5 mg
Caseinate, sodium, DAMIPRO RHV0.5 mg
Beans, brown, dried0.5 mg
Seaweed, konbu, dried (kelp)0.5 mg
Pate, liver0.49 mg
Millet, whole-grain0.49 mg
Millet, flakes0.49 mg
Mushroom, canned0.48 mg
Beans, white, dried0.47 mg
Shrimp, prawn, boiled0.46 mg
Marzipan0.45 mg
Meat extract, Bovril0.45 mg
Crab claws, meat, canned0.44 mg
Kidney, ox, raw0.44 mg
Crab claws, meat, raw0.44 mg
Squab (pigeon), raw0.437 mg
Whipped egg white and sugar with chocolate covering0.42 mg
Cantharelle, raw0.42 mg
Garfish, raw0.42 mg
Mushroom, raw0.42 mg
Heart, pork, raw0.41 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish0.41 mg
Semolina0.41 mg
Shrimp, boiled, shell removed0.407 mg
Toffees, mixed0.4 mg
Salt, block0.39 mg
Ptarmigan, flesh, raw0.39 mg
Kidney, calf, raw0.385 mg
Prune, dried plum0.38 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/dry milk0.37 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine0.37 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, coarse (Husmans)0.37 mg
Dragée, average values0.37 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/o dry milk0.37 mg
Chocolate, milk0.367 mg
Chocolate, milk, with nuts0.367 mg
Sausage, liver sausage0.36 mg
Cheese, processed, 20 % fidm.0.355 mg
Lentils, sprouted, raw0.352 mg
Chocolate, fancy and filled0.35 mg
Cheese, processed, 30 % fidm.0.35 mg
Cheese, processed, 45 % fidm.0.35 mg
Heart, chicken, raw0.346 mg
Chickory, raddichio, raw0.341 mg
Cinnamon stick0.339 mg
Potato crisps, coarse0.33 mg
Nut, coco, raw0.32 mg
Rye kernels, whole/cracked0.32 mg
Wheat, cracked kernels, parboiled (bulgur), raw0.32 mg
Wheat, kernels, whole/cracked0.32 mg
Raisin , seedless0.32 mg
Rye flour, dark, whole meal0.317 mg
Wheat, flour, wholemeal0.317 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, fine0.31 mg
Heart, beef, raw0.31 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, coarse0.31 mg
Nougat0.31 mg
Goose, flesh only, raw0.306 mg
Yeast extract, Marmite0.3 mg
Pastilles, sugar added, unspecified0.3 mg
Tomato paste, concentrated0.3 mg
Water, tap, drinking, average values0.3 mg
Garlic, raw0.299 mg
Heart, veal, raw0.29 mg
Rye bread, soft, with wheat, high fat seeds and whole kernels0.28 mg
Apricot, dried0.27 mg
Rye bread, dark with high fat seeds and whole kernels0.27 mg
Potato crisps0.26 mg
Rose hip, dried, powder0.26 mg
Date, dried0.26 mg
Potato crisps, fatreduced0.26 mg
Macaroni, spaghetti, raw0.25 mg
Fruit paste, figs0.241 mg
Hare, raw0.24 mg
Syrup, kitchen0.24 mg
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw0.24 mg
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned0.24 mg
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned0.24 mg
Crayfish, raw0.24 mg
Fig, dried0.24 mg
Drageé, liquorice0.24 mg
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen0.24 mg
Liquorice allsorts0.238 mg
Baby food, infant formula, high iron content, powder0.236 mg
Fruit paste, average values0.235 mg
Beans, green, canned0.23 mg
Olives, ripe, salted, oil-coated0.23 mg
Horse-radish, raw0.23 mg
Tongue, pig, raw0.23 mg
Guava, common, raw0.23 mg
Chestnut, raw0.23 mg
Parsley root, raw0.23 mg
Tongue, pig, cured0.23 mg
Jam, fruit, average values0.23 mg
Bisquit, wholemeal, digestive type0.23 mg
Olives, green, pickled, canned0.23 mg
Ginger root, raw0.226 mg
Coriander, leaf, raw0.225 mg
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour and high fat seeds, industrial prod.0.225 mg
Bread, wholemeal0.22 mg
Mussels, boiled0.22 mg
Bread, white, with wheat bran0.22 mg
Rye-flour, bolted (extraction rate 85 %)0.22 mg
Rolls, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial produced0.22 mg
Bread, white, coarse grain0.22 mg
Bread, wheat and other, high fat seeds0.22 mg
Dill, raw0.22 mg
Mussel, raw0.22 mg
Beet, red, canned0.21 mg
Beans, baked i tomato sauce, canned0.21 mg
Halibut, atlantic, smoked0.2 mg
Rice groats, raw0.2 mg
Oats, rolled, not enriched0.2 mg
Soup, tomato, ready to eat0.2 mg
Oats, rolled, enriched0.2 mg
Rice flour0.2 mg
Macaroni, spaghetti, boiled0.2 mg
Oats, rolled, average values0.2 mg
Halibut, atlantic, raw0.2 mg
Rice, parboiled, raw0.2 mg
Bread, wheat with rye, sandwich/toast type, high fat seeds, industrial0.2 mg
Sweatbread, lamb, raw0.2 mg
Rice, polished, raw0.2 mg
Bisquit, sweet0.2 mg
Potato chips, deepfried0.2 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat0.19 mg
Avocado, raw0.19 mg
Cream Crackers0.19 mg
Haddock, raw0.19 mg
Rye bread, dark, pumpernickel0.188 mg
Rose hip, raw0.18 mg
Rice, brown, raw0.18 mg
Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified0.18 mg
Snacks, expanded, potatobasis0.18 mg
Chard, swiss, raw0.179 mg
Yam, raw0.178 mg
Pepper, hot chili, raw0.174 mg
Dab, raw0.17 mg
Chewing gum, sugar added, all types0.17 mg
Peas, green, frozen0.17 mg
Salmon, raw0.17 mg
Bacon crisps0.17 mg
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal0.17 mg
Toffees, unspecified0.17 mg
Baguette, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial product0.17 mg
Rye bread, dark0.17 mg
Bean sprouts, average values, raw0.164 mg
Bean sprouts, mung, raw0.164 mg
Pop corn, oil and salt added0.16 mg
Brandy, cognac0.16 mg
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw0.16 mg
Rye bread, soft, with wheat0.16 mg
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional0.16 mg
Sprat, pickled, canned0.16 mg
Yeast, baker`s, compressed0.16 mg
Lamb, loin, raw0.16 mg
Salt, table0.16 mg
Anchovy, pickled, canned0.16 mg
Mussels, in water, canned0.159 mg
Rye-flour, bolted (extraction rate 70 %)0.158 mg
Alfalfa seeds, sprouted, raw0.157 mg
Tongue, calf, cured0.155 mg
Tongue, calf, raw0.155 mg
Rye-flour, wheat-flour, bolted0.152 mg
Sweetpotato, raw0.151 mg
Milk, skimmed, with chocolate0.15 mg
Milk, with chocolate, partly skimmed, 1.5 % fat0.15 mg
Grape, raw0.15 mg
Milk, with chocolate, partly skimmed, 1.5 % fat (UHT)0.15 mg
Tomato ketchup, bottled0.15 mg
Tomato puree0.15 mg
Rabbit, flesh only, raw0.15 mg
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, canned0.15 mg
Swiss roll, average values0.15 mg
Lychee, raw0.148 mg
Horse, meat, raw0.144 mg
Chicory, raw0.14 mg
Snacks, expanded, cornbased0.14 mg
Rolls, wheat with rye, industrial produced0.14 mg
Watercress, raw0.14 mg
Duck, flesh and skin, raw0.14 mg
Parsnip, raw0.14 mg
Baguette, with rye, industrial product0.14 mg
Salt, sea salt (no iodine fortification)0.14 mg
Duck, flesh only, raw0.14 mg
Liquorice, salt0.14 mg
Herring, salted, ripened0.14 mg
Black pudding (boiled)0.14 mg
Bread, wheat with rye0.14 mg