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Sodium, Na per 100 grams 
Salt, table38850 mg
Salt, block38700 mg
Salt, sea salt (no iodine fortification)33800 mg
Bouillon, beef, concentrated, cube22500 mg
Meat extract, cube22500 mg
Baking powder11800 mg
Soya sauce5637 mg
Salmon, salted5510 mg
Herring, salted, ripened5380 mg
Meat extract, Bovril4800 mg
Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen3780 mg
Sprat, pickled, canned3606 mg
Anchovy, pickled, canned3606 mg
Yeast extract, Marmite3600 mg
Sausage, beef salami3583 mg
Olives, ripe, salted, oil-coated3288 mg
Seaweed, konbu, dried (kelp)3100 mg
Miso, soy paste2950 mg
Herring, pickled, canned2826 mg
Pork, ham, smoked2405 mg
Charr, fillet, smoked2340 mg
Halibut, greenland, smoked2336 mg
Sauce, shaslik2300 mg
Tomato ketchup, hot, bottled2300 mg
Olives, green, pickled, canned2217 mg
Caviar, danish (roe, lump-sucker)2158 mg
Tomato, dried2095 mg
Pork, ham, smoked, boiled2040 mg
Stockfish, cod, split, salted and dried2033 mg
Sausage, salami1988 mg
Salmon, gravad1930 mg
Halibut, greenland, gravad1930 mg
Sausage, salami1915 mg
Tongue, calf, cured1815 mg
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled1805 mg
Pork, loin fillet, smoked1725 mg
Tongue, pig, cured1690 mg
Salad dressing, italian1654 mg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 40 % fidm1584 mg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 50 % fidm1584 mg
Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled1540 mg
Pork, saddle, smoked, raw1540 mg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, grated1529 mg
Roastbeef, sliced1505 mg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 50 % fidm.1470 mg
Cheese, Roquefort, danish, 50 % fidm.1470 mg
Salmon, smoked1466 mg
Pork, ham, bayonne style, deboned1457 mg
Pork, ham, boiled, sliced1455 mg
Pepper, sweet, canned1369 mg
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked1350 mg
Pork, ham, cured, canned1310 mg
Mustard, brown, ready made1307 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 45 % fidm.1297 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 30 % fidm.1297 mg
Egg, chicken, white, dried1280 mg
Bacon crisps1252 mg
Lobster, canned1240 mg
Lobster, boiled1240 mg
Cheese, Mycella Blue, 50 % fidm.1234 mg
Bacon, steaky bacon, diced, raw1225 mg
Bacon, sliced, raw1225 mg
Herring, pickled, canned1180 mg
Herring, pickled, in madeira sauce, canned1180 mg
Pepper, hot chili, canned1173 mg
Pork, sausage, frankfurter1164 mg
Pork, cocktail sausage1160 mg
Snacks, expanded, potatobasis1157 mg
Pork/beef sausage, saveloy type1152 mg
Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw1140 mg
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar, low calorie1140 mg
Pork, belly, whole cut, cured, raw1140 mg
Pork sausage, frankfurter type1136 mg
Chicken, breast, boiled, sliced1120 mg
Sauce, barbeque1119 mg
Sausage, frankfurter, boiled1100 mg
Pork sausage, saveloy type, low fat1100 mg
Pork, sausage, frankfurter, canned1100 mg
Salad dressing, blue cheese1094 mg
Tomato ketchup, bottled1090 mg
Whey, sweet, dried1079 mg
Sausage, frankfurter, fried1075 mg
Pork sausage, saveloy type1065 mg
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar1054 mg
Pork, mettwurst, smoked1050 mg
Shrimp, canned1030 mg
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced1002 mg
Crab claws, meat, canned1000 mg
Chicken, sausage999 mg
Cheese, hard, Grana, 32 % fidm.998 mg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, 32 % fidm.998 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.984 mg
Shrimp, prawn, boiled980 mg
Pate, liver944 mg
Crayfish, raw928 mg
Sausage, liver sausage901 mg
Herring, pickled, in curry sauce, canned900 mg
Cornflakes, average values883 mg
Mussels, in water, canned880 mg
Snacks, extruded, cornbased875 mg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 30 % fidm.872 mg
Chicken, flesh and skin, grilled870 mg
Salad dressing, thousand island863 mg
Cheese, firm, 20 % fidm., all varieties845 mg
Pork, neck, smoked, boiled844 mg
Salad dressing, french836 mg
Pork, brawn, head cheese830 mg
Cheese, hard, Hingino, 32 % fidm.825 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat802 mg
Cheese, firm, Mynster, 50 % fidm.770 mg
Mustard, yellow, ready made760 mg
Snacks, expanded, cornbased757 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 45 % fidm.756 mg
Cheese, firm, 45 % fidm., all varieties756 mg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 45 % fidm.755 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 45 % fidm.755 mg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 45 % fidm.755 mg
Margarine, 30 % fat, vegetable fat747 mg
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat747 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.737 mg
Cheese, firm, Fynbo, 45 % fidm.735 mg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 60 % fidm.730 mg
Cheese, firm, 30 % fidm., all varieties729 mg
Cheese, firm, Elbo, 40 % fidm.723 mg
Cheese, firm, 40 % fidm., all varieties723 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, low calorie723 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish718 mg
Pork, sausage, danish, raw705 mg
Cheese, Brie, 50 % fidm.700 mg
Bucklingpaté (sweet cured herring, smoked)700 mg
Cheese, Brie, 60 % fidm.700 mg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 60 % fidm.696 mg
Soup, tomato, ready to eat695 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 30 % fidm.689 mg
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream688 mg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 45 % fidm.684 mg
Cheese, hard, Cheddar, danish678 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 60 % fidm.676 mg
Cornflakes, frosted670 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise668 mg
Eel, smoked652 mg
Cheese, semihard, St. Paulin, 50 % fidm.648 mg
Cheese, Brie, 45 % fidm.647 mg
Fish balls, fried630 mg
Bisquit, wholemeal, digestive type626 mg
Cheese, Blue and white mould, 70 % fidm.621 mg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 30 % fidm.617 mg
Cheese, hard, Emmentaler, 45 % fidm.613 mg
Cheese, hard, Gruyere, 45 % fidm.613 mg
Cheese, hard, Chesire, 50 % fidm.613 mg
Fish pudding, raw611 mg
Cream Crackers610 mg
Onions, chopped and deepfried606 mg
Potato crisps, fatreduced606 mg
Potato crisps606 mg
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream, low calorie603 mg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 30 % fidm.601 mg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 50 % fidm.601 mg
Beansprouts, soy, canned600 mg
Bamboo shoots, canned, salted600 mg
Mayonnaise597 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat592 mg
Mackerel, filet, in natural juices, canned590 mg
Tuna, in water, canned590 mg
Meat balls, frozen590 mg
Cod, liver, raw589 mg
Cod, liver, canned589 mg
Cod, liver, smoked589 mg
Lamb, flank, spiced, cooked588 mg
Rye bread crumbs with brown sugar, average values588 mg
Mussels, boiled582 mg
Mussel, raw582 mg
Tuna, in oil, canned580 mg
Bread, roll, danish578 mg
Shrimp, boiled, shell removed578 mg
Bread, italien type574 mg
Cheese, processed, 20 % fidm.573 mg
Cheese, Cream, 60 % fidm.573 mg
Rolls, italien type, industrial produced571 mg
Beef brisket, soaked in brine571 mg
Salmon, canned570 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 50 % fidm.570 mg
Baguette, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial product568 mg
Cheese, processed, 30 % fidm.566 mg
Pastry, croissant564 mg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 45 % fidm.558 mg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 45 % fidm.556 mg
Cheese, firm, Svenbo, 45 % fidm.550 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat550 mg
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat550 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat550 mg
Bread, white, roll, coarse grain542 mg
Lobster, raw538 mg
Rye bread, light537 mg
Bisquit, sweet533 mg
Pop corn, microwave oven530 mg
Haddock, breaded, fried530 mg
Bread, white, roll529 mg
Baguette, wheat, fine, industrial product526 mg
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal523 mg
Egg, chicken, whole, dried523 mg
Liquorice, salt519 mg
Cheese, processed, 45 % fidm.519 mg
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour, no high fat seeds, industrial prod.515 mg
Rye bread, dark512 mg
Bread, wholemeal511 mg
Cheese, whey, Myseost, 33 % fidm.511 mg
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour and high fat seeds, industrial prod.510 mg
Rye bread, dark with high fat seeds and whole kernels509 mg
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional505 mg
Nut, pea, oilroasted and salted503 mg
Bread, wheat with rye501 mg
Rolls, white, industrial produced501 mg
Kippers, in oil, canned500 mg
Mayonnaise, low fat500 mg
Bread, white, with wheat bran495 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, fine484 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, coarse484 mg
Crispbread, wheat484 mg
Rye bread, soft, with wheat, high fat seeds and whole kernels482 mg
Beans, baked i tomato sauce, canned480 mg
White bread, large478 mg
Rye bread, soft, with wheat477 mg
Meat balls, canned475 mg
Cod, roe, canned473 mg
Cheese, Cream, 70 % fidm.472 mg
Wheat rusk470 mg
Bread-crumbs465 mg
Bread, white465 mg
Bread, wheat and other, high fat seeds463 mg
Rolls, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial produced461 mg
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned461 mg
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned461 mg
Potato chips, deepfried457 mg
Bread, white453 mg
Rolls, wheat with rye, industrial produced450 mg
Potato crisps, coarse446 mg
Baguette, with rye, industrial product444 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine443 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, coarse (Husmans)443 mg
Bread, white, with walnuts440 mg
Whitebread, for toasting, industrial produced439 mg
Black pudding (boiled)438 mg
Milk, dry, skimmed, powder435 mg
Tomato puree433 mg
Fish balls, canned432 mg
Saccharin428 mg
Pastry with poppy seeds426 mg
Bread, bolted rye and wheat, sour, with caraway seeds424 mg
Bread, wheat with rye, for toasting, industrial produced422 mg