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Phosphorus, P per 100 grams 
Baking powder8430 mg
Rice bran1677 mg
Yeast, dried1290 mg
Wheat bran1055 mg
Wheat germ, raw1000 mg
Milk, dry, skimmed, powder956 mg
Whey, sweet, dried932 mg
Cheese, hard, Grana, 32 % fidm.930 mg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, 32 % fidm.930 mg
Egg, chicken, yolk, dried920 mg
Cheese, processed, 20 % fidm.912 mg
Cheese, processed, 30 % fidm.900 mg
Poppy seeds849 mg
Egg, chicken, whole, dried831 mg
Cheese, hard, Hingino, 32 % fidm.820 mg
Milk, dry, whole, powder810 mg
Cheese, processed, 45 % fidm.800 mg
Sesame seed, decorticated739 mg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, grated729 mg
Cocoa, powder660 mg
Tea, leaves630 mg
Oats, rolled, enriched622 mg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 30 % fidm.620 mg
Cheese, hard, Emmentaler, 45 % fidm.610 mg
Cheese, hard, Gruyere, 45 % fidm.610 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 30 % fidm.590 mg
Cheese, firm, 30 % fidm., all varieties590 mg
Meat extract, Bovril590 mg
Brazil nuts590 mg
Cheese, firm, Svenbo, 45 % fidm.580 mg
Sesame seeds, whole, dried580 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.580 mg
Pine nuts, pignolias, dried575 mg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 30 % fidm.560 mg
Soya flour, full fat560 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.550 mg
Cheese, firm, 20 % fidm., all varieties550 mg
Linseeds, raw547 mg
Dill weed, dried543 mg
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw540 mg
Sunflower seeds, decorticated, dried540 mg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 45 % fidm.540 mg
Cashew nuts, oil roasted531 mg
Cheese, firm, 45 % fidm., all varieties530 mg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 45 % fidm.530 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 45 % fidm.530 mg
Oat Bran, danish519 mg
Cheese, semihard, St. Paulin, 50 % fidm.510 mg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 45 % fidm.510 mg
Cheese, firm, Fynbo, 45 % fidm.500 mg
Cheese, firm, Elbo, 40 % fidm.500 mg
Cheese, firm, 40 % fidm., all varieties500 mg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 45 % fidm.500 mg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 45 % fidm.500 mg
Cod, roe, raw500 mg
Almond, raw491 mg
Cashew nuts, dry roasted490 mg
Pistachio nuts, dried490 mg
Fennel seed487 mg
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted485 mg
Coriander, leaf, dried481 mg
Beans, brown, dried477 mg
Cheese, firm, Mynster, 50 % fidm.470 mg
Cheese, hard, Cheddar, danish470 mg
Beans, soy, dried467 mg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 50 % fidm.460 mg
Oats, rolled, average values455 mg
Cod, roe, smoked453 mg
Sprat (sardine), in oil, canned450 mg
Sardine, in oil, canned450 mg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 30 % fidm.440 mg
Salmon, canned440 mg
Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen431 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, coarse430 mg
Cheese, hard, Chesire, 50 % fidm.430 mg
Beans, white, dried425 mg
Sweatbread, veal, raw420 mg
Garlic, dried, powder417 mg
Oats, rolled, not enriched411 mg
Nut, pea, dried409 mg
Coriander seed409 mg
Peas, mature, dry, raw407 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 50 % fidm.400 mg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 60 % fidm.400 mg
Sweatbread, lamb, raw400 mg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 60 % fidm.400 mg
Beans, mung, dried, raw395 mg
Nut, pea, oilroasted and salted391 mg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 45 % fidm.390 mg
Cheese, Brie, 50 % fidm.380 mg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 50 % fidm.380 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine380 mg
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, coarse (Husmans)380 mg
Cheese, Roquefort, danish, 50 % fidm.380 mg
Cheese, Brie, 60 % fidm.380 mg
Breakfast cereal, Müsli without added sugar379 mg
Walnuts379 mg
Breakfast cereal, Müsli with added sugar379 mg
Buckwheat, whole, raw377 mg
Lentils, brown, dried, raw373 mg
Lentils, dried371 mg
Rice, brown, raw370 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 45 % fidm.370 mg
Cheese, Brie, 45 % fidm.370 mg
Cheese, Camembert, 30 % fidm.370 mg
Macaroni, spaghetti, whole meal, raw370 mg
Liver, pig, raw369 mg
Lentils, red, dried, raw368 mg
Bouillon, beef, concentrated, cube360 mg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 60 % fidm.360 mg
Cheese, Mycella Blue, 50 % fidm.360 mg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 50 % fidm360 mg
Rye kernels, whole/cracked360 mg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 40 % fidm360 mg
Egg, hen, yolk, sugar added, pasteurized, frozen357 mg
Tomato, dried356 mg
Crab, boiled350 mg
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned350 mg
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned350 mg
Coffee, instant, powder350 mg
Nut, hazel (UK), filbert (USA), dried349 mg
Curry powder349 mg
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values349 mg
Liver, ox, raw348 mg
Yeast, baker`s, compressed340 mg
Cheese, whey, Myseost, 33 % fidm.332 mg
Liver, calf, raw330 mg
Peanut butter330 mg
Pork, loin fillet, smoked326 mg
Kippers, in oil, canned325 mg
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw320 mg
Herring, raw320 mg
Meat extract, cube320 mg
Liver, chicken (hen), raw320 mg
Herring, autumn, raw320 mg
Wheat, flour, wholemeal313 mg
Goose, flesh only, raw312 mg
Miso, soy paste310 mg
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled309 mg
Squab (pigeon), flesh, raw307 mg
Rice groats, brown, raw307 mg
Pork, ham, boiled, sliced302 mg
Rye flour, dark, whole meal301 mg
Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled301 mg
Peas, chick/garbanzo, dry, raw300 mg
Stockfish, cod, split, salted and dried300 mg
Barley flour, raw300 mg
Charr, fillet, smoked300 mg
Pecans, dry roasted293 mg
Trout, raw290 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/dry milk290 mg
Whitefish, raw290 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/o dry milk290 mg
Ptarmigan, flesh, raw290 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder286 mg
Tongue, pig, cured285 mg
Herring, smoked280 mg
Pecans, dried277 mg
Pork, meat, lean, approx. 3 % fat, raw276 mg
Pork, ham, smoked275 mg
Wheat, kernels, whole/cracked272 mg
Sole, raw271 mg
Wheat, cracked kernels, parboiled (bulgur), raw270 mg
Cheese, Blue and white mould, 70 % fidm.270 mg
Liver, duck, raw269 mg
Bread, wholemeal268 mg
Beef brisket, soaked in brine267 mg
Mackerel, raw267 mg
Mackerel, smoked267 mg
Shrimp, prawn, boiled265 mg
Pecans, oil roasted263 mg
Liver, goose, raw261 mg
Baby food, infant formula, high iron content, powder261 mg
Charr, raw260 mg
Rainbow trout, raw260 mg
Lake trout, raw260 mg
Pork sausage, frankfurter type255 mg
Dogfish, piked, raw253 mg
Garfish, raw251 mg
Herring, pickled, in madeira sauce, canned250 mg
Salmon, smoked250 mg
Seaweed, konbu, dried (kelp)250 mg
Eel, smoked250 mg
Squab (pigeon), raw248 mg
Barley groats, raw246 mg
Kidney, calf, raw245 mg
Pork, sausage, danish, raw245 mg
Pork, saddle, smoked, raw241 mg
Salmon, salted240 mg
Marzipan240 mg
Chocolate, milk240 mg
Millet, flakes240 mg
Perch, raw240 mg
Pike, raw240 mg
Millet, whole-grain240 mg
Chocolate, milk, with nuts240 mg
Kidney, pig, raw238 mg
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced236 mg
Goose, flesh and skin, raw234 mg
Cheese, Quarg, 5 % fidm.230 mg
Sausage, liver sausage230 mg
Pheasant, flesh only, raw230 mg
Chicken, sausage229 mg
Kidney, ox, raw229 mg
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked229 mg
Pork sausage, saveloy type228 mg
Pork/beef sausage, saveloy type228 mg
Chicken, breast, boiled, sliced225 mg
Pork, mettwurst, smoked224 mg
Cod, roe, canned221 mg
Turkey, minced, raw221 mg
Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw220 mg
Egg, duck, whole, raw220 mg
Cheese, cottage, 20 % fidm.220 mg
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw220 mg
Sprat, raw220 mg
Plaice, raw220 mg
Pikeperch, raw220 mg
Mackerel, filet, in natural juices, canned220 mg
Crab claws, meat, canned220 mg
Halibut, atlantic, raw220 mg
Crab claws, meat, raw220 mg
Chicken, flesh and skin, grilled220 mg
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, canned220 mg
Halibut, atlantic, smoked220 mg
Pork, loin (sauté slices), lean, raw218 mg
Pork, loin (filet royal), lean, raw218 mg
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw217 mg
Pork, loin (medaillon), lean, raw217 mg
Heart, veal, raw215 mg
Pork, ham, wok strips from topside, raw215 mg
Pheasant, flesh and skin, raw214 mg
Heart, beef, raw214 mg
Nutmeg, whole213 mg
Seal meat, loin, raw213 mg
Pork, sausage, frankfurter211 mg
Pork, cocktail sausage211 mg
Sausage, frankfurter, fried211 mg
Tuna, in oil, canned211 mg
Sausage, frankfurter, boiled211 mg
Salmon, gravad210 mg
Sprat, pickled, canned210 mg
Anchovy, pickled, canned210 mg
Rabbit, flesh only, raw210 mg
Hare, raw210 mg
Halibut, greenland, smoked210 mg
Beef, fillet, defatted, raw210 mg
Egg, chicken, whole, raw210 mg
Plain cake, average values210 mg
Bream, raw210 mg