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Food, high content: C 22:0

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C 22:0 per 100 grams 
Fish oil, hydrogenated7.38 g
Peanut oil2.54 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat1.6 g
Nut, pea, dried1.32 g
Nut, pea, oilroasted and salted1.32 g
Peanut butter1.29 g
Sunflower oil0.6 g
Danish pastry, christmas cake0.398 g
Danish pastry, butter ring0.398 g
Plain cake, frangipani cake0.394 g
0.394 g
Potato crisps, coarse0.38 g
Sunflower seeds, decorticated, dried0.374 g
Bisquit, sweet, vanilla flavoured0.364 g
Cod liver oil0.336 g
Sponge cake, pound cake0.321 g
Oil, rape seed (low eruca acid content)0.311 g
Mayonnaise0.3 g
Plain cake, chocolate cake0.297 g
Plain cake, lemon cake0.269 g
Mayonnaise, low fat0.2 g
Cashew nuts, oil roasted0.197 g
Salad dressing, french0.179 g
Salad dressing, italian0.169 g
Pecans, oil roasted0.16 g
Salad dressing, thousand island0.117 g
Bucklingpaté (sweet cured herring, smoked)0.112 g
Chocolate, milk, with nuts0.112 g
Tongue, ox, raw0.102 g
Chocolate, plain, couverture0.101 g
Remoulade, average values0.101 g
Tongue, calf, raw0.1 g
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat0.099 g
Remoulade, fatreduced, average values0.099 g
Pastry, croissant0.099 g
Pastry with poppy seeds0.098 g
Pork, meat, approx. 20 % fat, raw0.098 g
Chocolate, milk0.093 g
Beef, mince, raw0.083 g
Pine nuts, pignolias, dried0.074 g
Pistachio nuts, dried0.043 g
Wheat rusk0.042 g
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted0.041 g
Linseeds, raw0.038 g
Tuna, in oil, canned0.033 g
Wheat rusk0.033 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour and high fat seeds, industrial prod.0.029 g
Swiss roll, average values0.026 g
Rolls, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial produced0.022 g
Soya flour, full fat0.019 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat, high fat seeds and whole kernels0.019 g
Beans, soy, dried0.017 g
Raisin , seedless0.015 g
Rye bread, dark with high fat seeds and whole kernels0.014 g
Gizzard, chicken, raw0.01 g
Bread, wheat and other, high fat seeds0.01 g
Liver, chicken (hen), raw0.007 g
Broccoli, boiled0.006 g
Bread, wheat with rye0.004 g
Rolls, white, industrial produced0.004 g
Rye bread, light0.003 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat0.003 g
Bread, wheat with rye, sandwich/toast type, high fat seeds, industrial0.003 g
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal0.002 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour, no high fat seeds, industrial prod.0.002 g
Bread, wheat with rye, for toasting, industrial produced0.001 g
Rye bread, dark0.001 g