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C 14:0 per 100 grams 
Coconut oil, refined, Palmin16.8 g
Oil, coconut16.8 g
Palm kernel oil16.4 g
Coconut meat, desiccated9.86 g
Butter, salt added7.9 g
Butter, salt not added7.56 g
Fish oil, hydrogenated7.38 g
Blended spread, 80% fat5.93 g
Nut, coco, raw5.56 g
Cheese, Blue and white mould, 70 % fidm.4.88 g
Cream, cultured, 38 % fat4.25 g
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 60 % fidm.4.24 g
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 60 % fidm.4.21 g
Cheese, Cream, 70 % fidm.4.08 g
Cheese, Danish Blue, 60 % fidm.3.99 g
Cod liver oil3.92 g
Cream, whipping, 38 % fat3.82 g
Cheese, Brie, 60 % fidm.3.72 g
Cheese, hard, Cheddar, danish3.66 g
Cheese, firm, Mynster, 50 % fidm.3.58 g
Fat, beef tallow3.52 g
Cheese, Cream, 60 % fidm.3.48 g
Cheese, hard, Chesire, 50 % fidm.3.45 g
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 50 % fidm.3.39 g
Cheese, semihard, St. Paulin, 50 % fidm.3.36 g
Cheese, hard, Gruyere, 45 % fidm.3.33 g
Cheese, Mycella Blue, 50 % fidm.3.3 g
Cheese, Roquefort, danish, 50 % fidm.3.26 g
Cheese, Danish Blue, 50 % fidm.3.26 g
Cheese, firm, Svenbo, 45 % fidm.3.23 g
Cheese, hard, Emmentaler, 45 % fidm.3.22 g
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, grated3.16 g
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 45 % fidm.3.1 g
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 45 % fidm.3.09 g
Cheese, Brie, 50 % fidm.3.07 g
Cheese, firm, Fynbo, 45 % fidm.3.06 g
Cheese, whey, Myseost, 33 % fidm.2.99 g
Cod, liver, raw2.98 g
Cod, liver, smoked2.98 g
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 45 % fidm.2.96 g
Milk, dry, whole, powder2.96 g
Cheese, Camembert, 50 % fidm.2.9 g
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 45 % fidm.2.88 g
Cheese, firm, 45 % fidm., all varieties2.85 g
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 45 % fidm.2.84 g
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 50 % fidm2.79 g
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 45 % fidm.2.78 g
Lump, lumpsucker, smoked2.77 g
Cheese, hard, Hingino, 32 % fidm.2.73 g
Cheese, processed, 45 % fidm.2.71 g
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, 32 % fidm.2.67 g
Cheese, hard, Grana, 32 % fidm.2.67 g
Cheese, firm, Elbo, 40 % fidm.2.59 g
Cheese, firm, 40 % fidm., all varieties2.5 g
Cheese, Camembert, 45 % fidm.2.48 g
Cod, liver, canned2.46 g
Cheese, Brie, 45 % fidm.2.43 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 45 % fidm.2.38 g
Sweet bisquit, cookie2.27 g
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 40 % fidm2.12 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat2.11 g
Cream, cultured, 18 % fat2.06 g
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 30 % fidm.2.05 g
Snacks, extruded, cornbased2.05 g
Herring, salted, ripened2.03 g
Cream, 18 % fat1.99 g
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 30 % fidm.1.96 g
Mackerel, smoked1.91 g
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 30 % fidm.1.9 g
Herring, autumn, raw1.82 g
Cheese, processed, 30 % fidm.1.82 g
Lamb, flank, raw1.82 g
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 30 % fidm.1.81 g
Cheese, firm, 30 % fidm., all varieties1.77 g
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional1.74 g
Lamb, breast, raw1.74 g
Cheese, Quarg, 45 % fidm.1.7 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat1.66 g
Cheese, Quarg, 45 % fidm., with vanilla1.66 g
Danish pastry, christmas cake1.63 g
Danish pastry, butter ring1.63 g
Plain cake, frangipani cake1.62 g
1.62 g
Lamb, flank, spiced, cooked1.61 g
Mackerel, raw1.56 g
Lamb, meat, average values, raw1.54 g
Lamb, loin, raw1.54 g
Eel, smoked1.52 g
Lard, pork, refined, Raffinol1.51 g
Lard, pork1.51 g
Bisquit, sweet, vanilla flavoured1.49 g
Eel, raw1.49 g
Cream, 13 % fat (UHT)1.47 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.1.46 g
Snacks, expanded, cornbased1.46 g
Cheese, processed, 20 % fidm.1.37 g
Liqueur, coffee with cream1.34 g
Sponge cake, pound cake1.32 g
Cream, 13 % fat1.31 g
Herring, pickled, spiced, canned1.27 g
Herring, raw1.26 g
Herring, pickled, canned1.25 g
Cheese, firm, 20 % fidm., all varieties1.22 g
Plain cake, chocolate cake1.22 g
Cheese, Camembert, 30 % fidm.1.22 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.1.21 g
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat1.19 g
Mackerel, filet, in natural juices, canned1.18 g
Lump, lumpsucker, raw1.14 g
Cheese, unripened, smoked, 40 % fidm.1.14 g
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, canned1.13 g
Plain cake, lemon cake1.1 g
Pig, fat1.09 g
Cream pastry, average values1.06 g
Ice cream, dairy, nougat1.02 g
Ice cream, dairy, vanilla1.02 g
Ice cream, dairy, 3 coloured1.02 g
Bucklingpaté (sweet cured herring, smoked)1.01 g
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat1 g
Oil, palm1 g
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat0.995 g
Halibut, greenland, smoked0.983 g
Herring, smoked0.963 g
Sprat, pickled, canned0.921 g
Beef, flank, raw0.905 g
Beef, flatribs, raw0.899 g
Beef, brisket, middle part, raw0.881 g
Cream, 9 % fat0.879 g
Sausage, salami0.864 g
Mutton, shoulder, raw0.856 g
Cream yoghurt, 9 % fat, with fruit0.85 g
Beef, meat, approx. 25 % fat, raw0.85 g
Halibut, greenland, raw0.846 g
Halibut, greenland, gravad0.84 g
Beef, brisket, posterior part, raw0.836 g
Quark with fruit0.833 g
Oil, cotton seed0.8 g
Anchovy, pickled, canned0.797 g
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned0.787 g
Pork, cheek, cut, raw0.764 g
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned0.72 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0.72 g
Cheese, firm, 10 % fidm.0.72 g
Lamb, leg with fat, raw0.71 g
Cream Crackers0.709 g
0.687 g
Lamb, shoulder, raw0.669 g
Veal, fat, raw0.668 g
Beef, rump, raw0.657 g
Salmon, salted0.65 g
Beef brisket, soaked in brine0.647 g
Beef, entrecote "cap on", raw0.641 g
Sausage, salami0.63 g
Lamb, leg, average values, raw0.608 g
Salad dressing, blue cheese0.6 g
Beef, brisket, anterior part, raw0.598 g
Cheese, cottage, 20 % fidm.0.597 g
Sausage, liver sausage0.536 g
Bacon crisps0.525 g
Pork, belly, whole cut, cured, raw0.52 g
Beef, striploin "cap on", raw0.52 g
Danish pastry, average values0.516 g
Black pudding (boiled)0.507 g
Goose fat0.5 g
Herring, pickled, in curry sauce, canned0.5 g
Beef, mince, raw0.495 g
Pork, meat, approx. 32 % fat, raw0.479 g
Danish pastry, pretzel0.476 g
Swiss roll, average values0.476 g
Pork, spare rib roast of thick belly, approx. 2 mm fat, raw0.46 g
Beef, sirloin, raw0.457 g
Pork, thick belly with rind, raw0.45 g
Chocolate, milk, with nuts0.447 g
Chocolate, bitter0.446 g
Pork, sausage, frankfurter0.439 g
Beef, T-bone steak, raw0.433 g
Salmon, raw0.428 g
Beef, shoulder, dorsal part, raw0.427 g
Danish pastry, square0.425 g
Beef, meat, approx. 15 % fat, raw0.423 g
Bisquit, wholemeal, digestive type0.414 g
Tongue, ox, raw0.409 g
Pork, thick belly, defatted, approx. 2 mm rind, raw0.401 g
Tongue, calf, raw0.4 g
Beef, chuck, raw0.4 g
Milk, whole, cultured0.398 g
Junket0.398 g
Milk, cultured, kefir0.398 g
Yoghurt0.396 g
Milk, acidophilus cultured0.387 g
Milk, whole, 3.5, (UHT), % fat0.384 g
Salmon, smoked0.375 g
Chocolate, milk0.373 g
Pork, sausage, danish, raw0.373 g
Salmon, canned0.368 g
Rainbow trout, raw0.365 g
Yoghurt with müsli0.365 g
Yoghurt with orange juice0.365 g
Pork, spare ribs, raw0.36 g
Yoghurt with pear and banana0.354 g
Yoghurt with fruits0.354 g
Goat milk0.354 g
Yoghurt with peach melba0.354 g
Pork, spare rib roast of thin belly with rind, raw0.35 g
Pork, mettwurst, smoked0.35 g
Pork, cocktail sausage0.35 g
Cashew nuts, dry roasted0.347 g
Plain cake, average values0.347 g
Beef, shoulder, ventral part0.343 g
Yoghurt with strawberries0.343 g
Pork, collar with rind, raw0.34 g
Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw0.34 g
Pork, collar with rind, raw0.337 g
Tongue, calf, cured0.337 g
Veal, medium fat, raw0.331 g
Bacon, steaky bacon, diced, raw0.33 g
Pork, leg with knuckle, raw0.33 g
Meat extract, cube0.321 g
Pork sausage, saveloy type0.32 g
Pork, neck, smoked, boiled0.32 g
Potato crisps0.32 g
Milk, whole, organic, 3.5 % fat0.317 g
Milk, whole, konventional (not organic), 3.5 % fat0.317 g
Beef, rumpsteak "cap on", raw0.313 g
Ymer0.312 g
Ice cream, dairy, (wholemilk based)0.305 g
Pork, thin belly with rind, raw0.305 g
Mutton, round, raw0.302 g
Fruit paste, average values0.3 g
Pastry, croissant0.298 g
Salmon, gravad0.297 g
Pastry with poppy seeds0.294 g
Pork, meat, approx. 20 % fat, raw0.293 g
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked0.29 g
Sweatbread, lamb, raw0.287 g
Bacon, sliced, raw0.28 g
Pork, loin with rind, raw0.28 g
Pork, loin with rind, raw0.28 g
Lamb, leg, defatted, raw0.277 g
Pork, loin with rind, raw0.274 g
Beef, neck, raw0.271 g
Pork, rib steaks, raw0.27 g
Pork, thin belly, lean, approx. 2 mm rind, raw0.264 g
Pate, liver0.26 g
Beef, topside "cap on", raw0.259 g
Snacks, expanded, potatobasis0.255 g
Duck, flesh and skin, raw0.25 g
Wheat rusk0.25 g
Pork, liver paste, danish0.25 g
Fruit paste, figs0.249 g