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Energy DistributionEnergy Distribution
% of total food energy
   Protein, total5.5 %
   Fat, total49.8 %
   Carbohydrate, total44.7 %
   Alcohol0 %
Refuse: 0%

Content per 100 grams
Protein, total6.1g
Fat, total24.5g
   saturated fatty acids9g
   monounsaturated fatty acids10.7g
   polyunsaturated fatty acids3g
Carbohydrate, total49.1g
   carbohydrate, available48.1g
   added sugar20g
   dietary fibre1g

C 4:00g
C 6:00g
C 8:00.098g
C 10:00.098g
C 12:00.786g
C 14:00.687g
C 16:05.7g
C 18:01.67g
C 20:00g
C 22:00g
C 24:00g
C 14:10g
C 16:10g
C 18:1, n-910.7g
C 18:1, cis n-70g
C 20:1, n-110g
C 22:1, n-90g
C 22:1, n-110g
C 24:1, n-90g
C 18:2, n-62.46g
C 18:3, n-30.589g
C 18:4, n-30g
C 20:5, n-30g
C 22:5, n-30g
C 22:6, n-30g
Other fatty acids0g

Sums lipids
Sum saturated9.04g
Sum monounsaturated10.7g
Sum polyunsaturated3.04g
Sum n-3 fatty acids0.589g
Sum n-6 fatty acids2.46g

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