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Food, high content: Carbohydrate, total

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Carbohydrate, total per 100 grams 
Sorbitol100 g
Sugar, sucrose, white99.9 g
Fructose99.8 g
Sugar, Demerara99.3 g
Sweets, boiled97.5 g
Sugar, brown95.5 g
Sweets. unspecified94.2 g
Chewing gum, sugar added, all types90.6 g
Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified90.1 g
Corn starch88.8 g
Pearl-sago (potato starch)88.1 g
Cornflakes, frosted88 g
Drageé, liquorice87.6 g
Pudding powder87.5 g
Cocoa, instant, without milk, powder87.4 g
Chewing gum, no sugar added, all types86.1 g
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/o dry milk85.5 g
Potato flour85.3 g
Rice starch85 g
Pastilles, sugar added, unspecified84.8 g
Crispbread, wheat84 g
Liquorice, average values83.4 g
Peach, dried83.2 g
Cornflakes, average values83.2 g
Rose hip, dried, powder83 g
Liquorice allsorts82.7 g
Liquorice, salt82.1 g
Honey82 g
Rye bread crumbs with brown sugar, average values81.4 g
Date, dried81.3 g
Rice groats, raw80.8 g
Cinnamon stick80.6 g
Rice flour80.1 g
Rye-flour, bolted (extraction rate 70 %)80 g
Buckwheat groats, raw79.8 g
Rice, parboiled, raw79.8 g
Toffees, unspecified79.6 g
Marshmellows, unspecified79.2 g
Rice, polished, raw79 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, coarse (Husmans)78.8 g
Rice groats, brown, raw78.7 g
Corn flour78.7 g
Fruit gums78.6 g
Liquorice, sweet78.1 g
Buckwheat flour78 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine78 g
Raisin , seedless78 g
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/dry milk77.7 g
Semolina77.7 g
Rye kernels, whole/cracked77.2 g
Bread-crumbs77.2 g
Rye flour, dark, whole meal77.1 g
Rye-flour, bolted (extraction rate 85 %)77 g
Barley groats, raw76.9 g
Syrup, kitchen76.7 g
Wheat, cracked kernels, parboiled (bulgur), raw76.7 g
Rice, brown, raw76.6 g
Macaroni, spaghetti, raw76 g
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder76 g
Rye-flour, wheat-flour, bolted75.8 g
Wheat flour75.7 g
Wheat, kernels, whole/cracked75.4 g
Seaweed, agar75 g
Pepper, white74.5 g
Whey, sweet, dried74.5 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, fine74.4 g
Bisquit, sweet74.3 g
Wheat, flour, wholemeal74.1 g
Dragée, average values73.9 g
Millet, flakes73.8 g
Wheat rusk73.5 g
Wheat rusk73.5 g
Macaroni, spaghetti, whole meal, raw73.3 g
Millet, whole-grain72.8 g
Garlic, dried, powder72.7 g
Barley flour, raw72 g
Cocoa, instant, med milk, powder71.8 g
Buckwheat, whole, raw71.5 g
Toffees, mixed71.4 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, coarse71 g
Pepper, black71 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli without added sugar70.7 g
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values70.7 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli with added sugar70.7 g
Fruit paste, figs70.2 g
Bisquit, sweet69.4 g
Oat Bran, danish69.1 g
Oats, rolled, not enriched68.7 g
Oats, rolled, enriched68.7 g
Cream Crackers68.2 g
Oats, rolled, average values68.2 g
Marmalade, english type66.9 g
Jam, fruit, average values66.7 g
Apricot, dried66.5 g
Fruit paste, average values66.4 g
Bisquit, wholemeal, digestive type66 g
Apple, dried65.9 g
Potato crisps, fatreduced65.8 g
Whipped egg white and sugar with chocolate covering65.3 g
Wheat bran65.1 g
Fig, dried63.9 g
Peas, mature, dry, raw63.9 g
Chocolate, fancy and filled63.9 g
Sweet bisquit, cookie63.4 g
Beans, brown, dried63.4 g
Prune, dried plum63.3 g
Chocolate, bitter63.3 g
Bisquit, sweet, vanilla flavoured63.1 g
Snacks, expanded, potatobasis63 g
Pop corn, microwave oven63 g
Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added63 g
Pop corn, oil and salt added63 g
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional63 g
Beans, mung, dried, raw62.6 g
Tamarind, Indian date, raw62.5 g
Beans, white, dried62.3 g
Tea, leaves62.1 g
Snacks, expanded, cornbased62 g
Coffee, instant, powder61.7 g
Peas, chick/garbanzo, dry, raw61.6 g
Swiss roll, average values61.6 g
Swiss roll, apricot stuffing61.5 g
Potato crisps, coarse61 g
Swiss roll, raspberry stuffing60.5 g
Lentils, brown, dried, raw60.1 g
Coffee bean, roasted, ground60 g
Vecao59.9 g
Lentils, dried59.3 g
Currant, red, jelly59 g
Marzipanproduct, chocolatecover, average values59 g
Apple jelly59 g
Pastry, napoleon hat59 g
Nut paste, Nutella59 g
Pastry, garland cake58.9 g
58.9 g
Chocolate, milk58.6 g
Lentils, red, dried, raw58.5 g
Curry powder58.4 g
Bread, roll, danish58.1 g
Chocolate, plain, couverture58 g
Potato crisps58 g
Rose hip syrup57 g
Baby food, infant formula, high iron content, powder56.7 g
Bread, white, roll56.6 g
Nougat56.3 g
Bread, white, roll, coarse grain55.9 g
Dill weed, dried55.8 g
Tomato, dried55.8 g
Seaweed, konbu, dried (kelp)55 g
Plain cake, lemon cake55 g
Rolls, italien type, industrial produced55 g
Coriander seed54.9 g
Baguette, wheat, fine, industrial product54 g
Baguette, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial product54 g
Snacks, extruded, cornbased54 g
Rolls, white, industrial produced54 g
Marmalade, strawberry54 g
Plain cake, average values53 g
Liqueur, brown cocoa53 g
Baguette, with rye, industrial product53 g
Pastry, average values52.8 g
Bread, italien type52.6 g
Fennel seed52.3 g
Coriander, leaf, dried52.1 g
White bread, large52 g
Milk, dry, skimmed, powder52 g
Pastry, frangipani pastry51.6 g
Bread, white51.3 g
Wheat germ, raw51.3 g
Bread, white, coarse grain51 g
Bread, wheat with rye51 g
Whitebread, for toasting, industrial produced51 g
Bread, wheat with rye, for toasting, industrial produced51 g
Chocolate, milk, with nuts50.6 g
Marzipan50.4 g
Bread, white, with walnuts50.3 g
Bread, white, with cracked chestnuts50.3 g
Plain cake, chocolate cake50.1 g
Marmalade, all types50 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour, no high fat seeds, industrial prod.50 g
Rolls, wheat with rye, industrial produced50 g
Strawberry, jam50 g
Rolls, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial produced50 g
Bread, bolted rye and wheat, sour, with caraway seeds49.9 g
Bread, white49.9 g
Marmalade, orange49.7 g
Rice bran49.7 g
Yeast, dried49.6 g
Marmalade, black currant49.6 g
Nutmeg, whole49.3 g
Bread, white, with wheat bran49.3 g
Bread, wholemeal49.3 g
Marmalade, raspberry49.3 g
Pastry, coco macaroon49.3 g
Bread, white, with whole kernels49.2 g
49.1 g
Sponge cake, pound cake49.1 g
Bread, white, with sunflower kernels49.1 g
Currant, black, jam49 g
Bread, wheat and other, high fat seeds48.3 g
Rye bread, light48.1 g
Bread, wheat with rye, sandwich/toast type, high fat seeds, industrial48 g
Plain cake, frangipani cake48 g
Danish pastry, pretzel48 g
Bread, white, for sausages48 g
Currant, black, juice, concentrated, sugar added48 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat48 g
Rye bread, dark47.4 g
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal47 g
Liqueur, coffee46.8 g
Rye bread, dark, pumpernickel46 g
Pastry with poppy seeds45.2 g
Danish pastry, average values44.8 g
Pastry, croissant44.7 g
Danish pastry, butter ring44.3 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour and high fat seeds, industrial prod.44 g
Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar added43 g
Potato chips, deepfried42.4 g
Fruit juice, mixed, sweetened, concentrated42 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat, high fat seeds and whole kernels42 g
Rye bread, dark with high fat seeds and whole kernels42 g
Alfalfa seeds41.8 g
Cocoa, powder41.7 g
Liqueur, Crème de Menthe41.6 g
Strawberry juice, concentrated, sugar added41 g
Cherry juice, concentrated, sugar added41 g
Raspberry juice, concentrated, sugar added41 g
Currant, red, juice, concentrated, sugar added41 g
Chestnut, raw40.7 g
Danish pastry, christmas cake40.6 g
Lingonberry, jam39 g
Onions, chopped and deepfried39 g
Cassava, raw38.1 g
Baking powder37.8 g
Milk, dry, whole, powder37.2 g
Cream pastry, average values36.4 g
Sauce, barbeque36.3 g
Linseeds, raw36.1 g
Danish pastry, square35.2 g
Cherry, canned in sugar35 g
Vanilla-icecream, average values35 g
Beans, soy, dried34 g
Cheese, whey, Myseost, 33 % fidm.33.3 g
Garlic, raw33.1 g
Cashew nuts, dry roasted32.7 g
Plaintain, raw31.9 g
Soya flour, full fat30.5 g
Cashew nuts, oil roasted29.9 g
Almond, raw29.5 g
Nut, hazel (UK), filbert (USA), dried29.3 g