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Food, high content: C 22:6, n-3

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C 22:6, n-3 per 100 grams 
Cod liver oil13.5 g
Cod, liver, raw4.76 g
Cod, liver, smoked4.76 g
Cod, liver, canned3.94 g
Mackerel, smoked3.35 g
Mackerel, raw3.28 g
Herring, autumn, raw2.52 g
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, canned2.3 g
Lump, lumpsucker, smoked2.29 g
Mackerel, filet, in natural juices, canned2.25 g
Herring, salted, ripened2.16 g
Eel, smoked1.96 g
Salmon, smoked1.94 g
Eel, raw1.92 g
Salmon, raw1.85 g
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned1.64 g
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned1.51 g
Herring, pickled, spiced, canned1.44 g
Herring, raw1.34 g
Sprat, pickled, canned1.31 g
Salmon, gravad1.29 g
Herring, pickled, canned1.29 g
Caviar, danish (roe, lump-sucker)1.28 g
Herring, smoked1.2 g
Rainbow trout, raw1.16 g
Anchovy, pickled, canned1.14 g
Halibut, greenland, raw0.975 g
Halibut, greenland, gravad0.968 g
Lump, lumpsucker, raw0.944 g
Salmon, canned0.845 g
Cod, roe, smoked0.84 g
Bucklingpaté (sweet cured herring, smoked)0.787 g
Garfish, raw0.738 g
Herring, pickled, in curry sauce, canned0.6 g
Cod, roe, raw0.575 g
Halibut, greenland, smoked0.547 g
Mussels, boiled0.481 g
Spotted catfish, fillet, raw0.471 g
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw0.457 g
Mussels, in water, canned0.445 g
Crab, boiled0.421 g
Haddock, raw0.387 g
Cod, roe, canned0.315 g
Halibut, atlantic, raw0.272 g
Halibut, atlantic, smoked0.272 g
Tuna, in oil, canned0.271 g
Tuna, in tomato sauce, canned0.267 g
Flounder, raw0.266 g
Wolffish (catfish), raw0.259 g
Plaice, raw0.249 g
Turkey, flesh and skin, raw0.246 g
Shrimp, canned0.24 g
Egg, chicken, yolk, dried0.238 g
Sprat (sardine), in oil, canned0.229 g
Shrimp, prawn, boiled0.22 g
Sardine, in oil, canned0.215 g
Cod, fillet, breaded, raw0.208 g
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw0.203 g
Shrimp, boiled, shell removed0.196 g
Oyster, raw0.193 g
Egg, chicken, whole, raw0.178 g
Egg, chicken, whole, dried0.176 g
Crab claws, meat, raw0.15 g
Crab claws, meat, canned0.15 g
Peanut oil0.143 g
Lobster, boiled0.136 g
Cod, fillet, boiled0.133 g
Cod, fillet, raw0.132 g
Lobster, canned0.129 g
Norway lobster, raw0.118 g
Lobster, raw0.118 g
Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost0.11 g
Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen0.109 g
Liver, pig, raw0.108 g
Lemon sole, raw0.107 g
Liver, ox, raw0.106 g
Sole, raw0.104 g
Fish balls, fried0.102 g
Mussel, raw0.085 g
Redfish, ocean perch, raw0.077 g
Cod, fillet, smoked, with skin0.07 g
Stockfish, cod, split, salted and dried0.053 g
Swiss roll, average values0.052 g
Torsk, tusk, raw0.037 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, grilled0.034 g
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat0.032 g
Chicken, drumstick, flesh and skin, raw0.032 g
Chicken, wing, flesh and skin, raw0.032 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, battered, deepfried0.03 g
Squab (pigeon), flesh, raw0.03 g
Chicken, hen, flesh only0.03 g
Chicken, hen, flesh and skin, raw0.03 g
Broiler, flesh and skin, raw0.028 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, raw0.024 g
Squab (pigeon), raw0.02 g
Chicken, breast, flesh and skin, raw0.015 g
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced0.012 g