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Food, high content: Maltose

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Maltose per 100 grams 
Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified9.7 g
Fruit gums8.9 g
Marshmellows, unspecified6.7 g
Toffees, unspecified6.5 g
Sweets. unspecified4.4 g
Rye flour, dark, whole meal3.39 g
Rye kernels, whole/cracked3.39 g
Bisquit, sweet3.2 g
Liquorice, average values3.1 g
Sweets, boiled2.9 g
Liquorice allsorts2.5 g
Chewing gum, no sugar added, all types2.4 g
Rye bread, dark2.27 g
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal2.27 g
Liquorice, sweet2.2 g
Rye-flour, wheat-flour, bolted1.9 g
Chocolate, fancy and filled1.8 g
Rye bread, light1.64 g
Bread, wholemeal1.5 g
Bread, bolted rye and wheat, sour, with caraway seeds1.37 g
Bread, white1.37 g
Rye bread crumbs with brown sugar, average values0.93 g
Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost0.9 g
Chewing gum, sugar added, all types0.9 g
Blackberry, raw0.7 g
Cornflakes, average values0.53 g
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw0.1 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli without added sugar0.04 g
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values0.04 g
Breakfast cereal, Müsli with added sugar0.04 g