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Vitamin C per 100 grams 
Rose hip, raw840 mg
Coriander, leaf, dried567 mg
Parsley, raw308 mg
Guava, common, raw228 mg
Rose hip syrup194 mg
Pepper, sweet, red, raw191 mg
Currant, black, raw181 mg
Kale, raw169 mg
Pepper, hot chili, raw166 mg
Horse-radish, raw152 mg
Brussels sprouts, automn (October to December), raw140 mg
Lemon peel, raw129 mg
Broccoli, raw121 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/dry milk119 mg
Brussels sprouts, raw119 mg
Pepper, sweet, green, raw104 mg
Brussels sprouts, winter (January to April), raw101 mg
Kiwi fruit, raw92.7 mg
Brussels sprout, frozen80.9 mg
Cauliflower, all varieties, raw76.8 mg
Strawberry, raw76 mg
Pork sausage, saveloy type75 mg
Lychee, raw71.5 mg
Pop corn, oil and salt added71 mg
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional71 mg
Marmalade, black currant70 mg
Dill, raw70 mg
Pepper, hot chili, canned68 mg
Baby food, infant formula, high iron content, powder67 mg
Cabbage, spring, raw66 mg
Currant, black, juice, concentrated, sugar added66 mg
Currant, black, juice, concentrated, sugar not added66 mg
Cauliflower, danish, raw62 mg
Papaya, pawpaw, raw61.8 mg
Tomatojuice, canned61.7 mg
Orange, raw60.8 mg
Watercress, raw60 mg
Cabbage, red, raw60 mg
Sweatbread, lamb, raw58 mg
Cabbage, savoy, raw57.5 mg
Broccoli, frozen56.3 mg
Cauliflower, imported, raw56 mg
Spinach, raw54 mg
Soup, tomato, ready to eat53 mg
Chicken, breast, boiled, sliced51 mg
Currant, red, raw49 mg
Lemon, raw49 mg
Cauliflower, frozen48.8 mg
Potato crisps, fatreduced48.4 mg
Kohlrabi, raw48.1 mg
Dock (US), sorrel (UK), raw48 mg
Grapefruit, raw47.3 mg
Pepper, sweet, canned46.5 mg
Kumquats, raw46 mg
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled46 mg
Lemon juice, fresh46 mg
Cabbage, white, raw45.8 mg
Cabbage, chinese, pak-choi, raw45 mg
Roastbeef, sliced45 mg
Bilberry, raw44 mg
Peas, green, raw43 mg
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened41.2 mg
Swede, raw41 mg
Chives, raw41 mg
Parsley root, raw41 mg
Rose hip, dried, powder41 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage (light), concentrated (1+10), sugar not added40 mg
Dandelion, leaves, raw40 mg
Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled40 mg
Broccoli, boiled39.6 mg
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened, whole39.5 mg
Orange juice, canned39.4 mg
Tomato, dried39.2 mg
Onions, chopped and deepfried38.4 mg
Potato crisps38.4 mg
Chervil, chopped, frozen37 mg
Potatoes, mashed, instant powder w/o dry milk37 mg
Chervil, raw37 mg
Cress, garden, raw35 mg
Carambola, raw34.4 mg
Radish, raw33 mg
Gooseberry, raw33 mg
Pork, mettwurst, smoked32.4 mg
Passion fruit, raw30 mg
Chard, swiss, raw30 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added30 mg
Lime, raw29.1 mg
Elderberry, raw29 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish29 mg
Pork, ham, boiled, sliced29 mg
Grapefruitjuice, canned, unswtnd.28 mg
Melon, cantaloup, raw27.8 mg
Cape gooseberries, groundcherries, raw27.7 mg
Mangos, raw27.7 mg
Pork, loin fillet, smoked27 mg
Coriander, leaf, raw27 mg
Tangerine, raw26.7 mg
Potato, raw26.4 mg
Cabbage, chinese or celery, raw26 mg
Alfalfa seeds26 mg
Leek, raw25 mg
Liver, pig, raw25 mg
Pineapple, raw25 mg
Lettuce, Cos or romaine, raw24 mg
Raspberry, frozen24 mg
Pork sausage, frankfurter type24 mg
Cod, roe, raw24 mg
Raspberry, raw24 mg
Beans, green, frozen23.7 mg
Potato chips, deepfried23.3 mg
Chicken, sausage23.3 mg
Liver, ox, raw23 mg
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked23 mg
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw23 mg
Onions, spring, raw22.1 mg
Potato, new (May to September), raw22 mg
Pate, liver21.3 mg
Okra, raw21.1 mg
Kale, frozen21 mg
Pepper, black21 mg
Beans, wax, raw21 mg
Strawberries, canned21 mg
Cassava, raw20.6 mg
Radish, white, raw20 mg
Cabbage, red, canned20 mg
Liver, chicken (hen), raw20 mg
Cabbage, red, canned, sugar not added20 mg
Tangerine, canned19.8 mg
Peas, green, frozen19.3 mg
Spinach, chopped, frozen19 mg
Potato, automn (October to January), raw19 mg
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced18.8 mg
Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown18.7 mg
Asparagus, canned18.4 mg
Plaintain, raw18.4 mg
Liver, calf, raw18 mg
Tomato, imported, ripe, raw18 mg
Lettuce, looseleaf, raw18 mg
Asparagus, white, raw18 mg
Tomato paste, concentrated17.8 mg
Squash, zucchini, raw17 mg
Squash, all varieties, raw17 mg
Sausage, salami17 mg
Lentils, sprouted, raw16.5 mg
Radishes, oriental, daikon, japanese radish, raw16.2 mg
Turnip, raw16 mg
Melon, honeydew, raw15.6 mg
Loganberries, frozen15.3 mg
Beansprouts, soy, raw15.3 mg
Beans, green, raw15 mg
Quinces, raw15 mg
Blackberry, raw15 mg
Kidney, ox, raw15 mg
Snail, edible, raw15 mg
Tomato, danish, ripe, raw15 mg
Juice, mixed vegetables, pasteurized14.4 mg
Banana, raw14.3 mg
Kidney, calf, raw14 mg
Muskmelon, raw14 mg
Prickly pear, indian fig, raw14 mg
Marmalade, strawberry14 mg
Cucumber, raw13.7 mg
Kidney, pig, raw13.3 mg
Cranberry, raw13.3 mg
Bean sprouts, average values, raw13.2 mg
Bean sprouts, mung, raw13.2 mg
Rhubarb, raw13 mg
Rhubarb, frozen13 mg
Endive (frisee), raw13 mg
Beans, mung, dried, raw12.2 mg
Pineapple, canned12 mg
Asparagus, all types, raw12 mg
Artichoke, raw11.7 mg
Cherimoya, raw11.5 mg
Curry powder11.4 mg
Watermelon, raw11.3 mg
Tomato, peeled, canned11.3 mg
Lingonberry, raw11 mg
Bamboo shoots, raw11 mg
Celeriac, celery root, raw11 mg
Grape, raw10.8 mg
Oyster, raw10.7 mg
Milk, dry, whole, powder10 mg
Pineapple juice, canned10 mg
Caviar, danish (roe, lump-sucker)10 mg
Jam, fruit, average values10 mg
Asparagus, green, raw10 mg
Sauce gravad lax10 mg
Marmalade, english type10 mg
Apricot, raw10 mg
Cherry, raw10 mg
Cod, roe, canned10 mg
Apple, raw, all varieties10 mg
Peas, green, canned9.6 mg
Pizza, frozen, average values9.3 mg
Strawberry juice, concentrated, sugar added9 mg
Fennel, root, raw9 mg
Strawberry juice, concentrated, sugar not added9 mg
Celery, raw9 mg
Butterhead lettuce (US), cabbage lettuce (UK), raw9 mg
Tomato puree9 mg
Potato, old (February to June), raw9 mg
Carrot juice, canned8.5 mg
Bacon, sliced, raw8.3 mg
Bacon, steaky bacon, diced, raw8.3 mg
Garlic, raw8.21 mg
Alfalfa seeds, sprouted, raw8.2 mg
Onion, raw8.19 mg
Lettuce, iceberg (incl. crisphead types), raw8.1 mg
Chickory, raddichio, raw8 mg
Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar not added8 mg
Mussel, raw8 mg
Beet, red, raw8 mg
Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar added8 mg
Crab apple, raw8 mg
Chayote fruit, raw7.7 mg
Apple, danish, raw7.7 mg
Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw7.5 mg
Squab (pigeon), flesh, raw7.2 mg
Goose, flesh only, raw7.2 mg
Carrot, raw7.01 mg
Human milk, colostrum7 mg
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw6.8 mg
Peach, raw6.6 mg
Endive (escarole), raw6.5 mg
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat6.4 mg
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen6.4 mg
Nut, hazel (UK), filbert (USA), dried6.3 mg
Pomegranates, raw6.1 mg
Fruit juice, mixed, unsweetened, concentrated6 mg
Apple, imported, raw6 mg
Pheasant, flesh only, raw6 mg
Parsnip, raw6 mg
Avocado, raw6 mg
Jerusalem artichoke, raw6 mg
Milk, dry, skimmed, powder6 mg
Fruit juice, mixed, sweetened, concentrated6 mg
Human milk, transitional (10th day post partum)6 mg
Duck, breast, flesh only, raw6 mg
Duck, flesh only, raw5.8 mg
Nectarine, raw5.4 mg
Carrot, raw5.33 mg
Pheasant, flesh and skin, raw5.3 mg
Squab (pigeon), raw5.2 mg
Potato, canned5.1 mg
Heart, veal, raw5 mg
Plum, raw5 mg
Pistachio nuts, dried5 mg
Carrot, raw5 mg
Pumpkin, raw5 mg