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C 20:4, n-6 per 100 grams 
Egg, chicken, yolk, dried0.834 g
Heart, chicken, raw0.72 g
Cod, liver, smoked0.661 g
Cod, liver, raw0.661 g
Egg, chicken, whole, dried0.568 g
Cod, liver, canned0.547 g
Heart, pork, raw0.482 g
Sprat, pickled, canned0.371 g
Egg, hen, yolk, salted, pasteurized, frozen0.354 g
Anchovy, pickled, canned0.321 g
Egg, duck, whole, raw0.319 g
Sprat (sardine), in tomato sauce, canned0.318 g
Liver, chicken (hen), raw0.308 g
Beef, flank, raw0.283 g
Beef, flatribs, raw0.281 g
Egg, goose, whole, raw0.279 g
Beef, brisket, middle part, raw0.275 g
Beef, meat, approx. 25 % fat, raw0.266 g
Beef, brisket, posterior part, raw0.261 g
Liver, duck, raw0.26 g
Veal, fat, raw0.25 g
Turkey, flesh and skin, raw0.246 g
Squab (pigeon), flesh, raw0.22 g
Gizzard, chicken, raw0.216 g
Beef brisket, soaked in brine0.203 g
Beef, entrecote "cap on", raw0.2 g
Egg, hen, yolk, sugar added, pasteurized, frozen0.198 g
Horse, meat, raw0.198 g
Spotted catfish, fillet, raw0.195 g
Pate, liver0.192 g
Pork, liver paste, danish0.174 g
Beef, striploin "cap on", raw0.163 g
Squab (pigeon), raw0.16 g
Halibut, atlantic, smoked0.154 g
Kidney, pig, raw0.154 g
Halibut, atlantic, raw0.154 g
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat0.15 g
Beef, sirloin, raw0.143 g
Beef, T-bone steak, raw0.135 g
Mussels, boiled0.133 g
Beef, shoulder, dorsal part, raw0.133 g
Beef, meat, approx. 15 % fat, raw0.132 g
Egg, chicken, whole, raw0.126 g
Tongue, calf, cured0.125 g
Beef, chuck, raw0.125 g
Veal, medium fat, raw0.124 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, deepfried0.119 g
Pork, ham, smoked0.109 g
Beef, shoulder, ventral part0.107 g
Wolffish (catfish), raw0.107 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, battered, deepfried0.1 g
Oil, cotton seed0.1 g
Beef, rumpsteak "cap on", raw0.098 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, grilled0.093 g
Chicken, wing, flesh and skin, raw0.088 g
Chicken, drumstick, flesh and skin, raw0.086 g
Beef, neck, raw0.085 g
Egg, hen, whole, boiled, frozen0.083 g
Egg, hen, whole, pasteurized, frozen0.083 g
Mussel, raw0.082 g
Beef, topside "cap on", raw0.081 g
Chicken, hen, flesh and skin, raw0.08 g
Chicken, hen, flesh only0.08 g
Sweatbread, lamb, raw0.077 g
Broiler, flesh and skin, raw0.074 g
Beef, meat, 5-10 % fat, raw0.073 g
Rabbit, flesh only, raw0.072 g
Liver, goose, raw0.07 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, raw0.063 g
Lemon sole, raw0.062 g
Beef, eye of round, raw0.061 g
Beef, outside, round, raw0.058 g
Sole, raw0.057 g
Veal, thin fat, raw0.056 g
Kidney, ox, raw0.056 g
Beef, shin + leg (shank), raw0.056 g
Beef, striploin "cap off", raw0.047 g
Beef, thick flank "cap off", raw0.045 g
Pork, ham, cured, canned0.045 g
Pork, ham, boiled, sliced0.042 g
Beef, meat, lean (<5 % fat), raw0.04 g
Salmon, canned0.039 g
Chicken, breast, flesh and skin, raw0.038 g
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced0.037 g
Beef, rumpsteak "cap off", raw0.037 g
Chicken, breast, boiled, sliced0.036 g
Roastbeef, sliced0.035 g
Pork, saddle, smoked, raw0.034 g
Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled0.033 g
Garfish, raw0.031 g
Kidney, calf, raw0.031 g
Pork, loin fillet, smoked0.03 g
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled0.025 g
Beef, topside "cap off", raw0.024 g
Veal, lean meat, raw0.024 g
Crab, boiled0.024 g
Oyster, raw0.017 g
Avocado, raw0.016 g
Wheat germ, raw0.012 g
Crab claws, meat, canned0.009 g
Crab claws, meat, raw0.009 g
Wheat bran0.009 g
Redfish, ocean perch, raw0.008 g
Lobster, canned0.006 g
Meat extract, Bovril0.006 g
Lobster, boiled0.006 g
Norway lobster, raw0.005 g
Lobster, raw0.005 g
Wheat, cracked kernels, parboiled (bulgur), raw0.004 g
Wheat, flour, wholemeal0.003 g
Crispbread, wheat0.003 g
Wheat, kernels, whole/cracked0.003 g
Wheat flour0.002 g
Torsk, tusk, raw0.002 g
Semolina0.002 g
Peach, dried0.002 g
Gelatin0.001 g